University of Texas at Austin
4th period English
Vryanna Ballesteros

My reason for selecting the University of Texas at Austin is because they have a strong psychology program. I choose this degree because I want to help children with their mental or emotional disorders.

On Sept. 15, 1883, The University of Texas at Austin opened with one building, eight professors, one proctor, and 221 students

university of Texas at Austin

Majority of students that were accepted had a GPA of B+ or higher, an SAT score above about 1600, and an ACT composite score of 22 or higher. another way of getting admitted is by having a strong written essay, letters of recommendation as well a strong record of extracurricular activities.

There are many places to live on campus as well as off campus the University provides 14 residence halls. Off campus they have University apartment for married students with families and for those wanting more independence. Students are also provided with many dining options from on campus to off campus, with many dining halls that include buffets to restaurants across campus.

in the future the career path I am interested in is psychology. I am interested in this career because it give me an opportunity to work with children that have  emotional,mental and behavioral disorders.  I would like to get into both developmental and clinical psychology. My interest in developmental psychology is to learn how changes occur in infants to when they grow to adults. My interest in clinical psychology is to diagnose and treat learning disabilities ,depression and anxiety disorders in children.

clinical psychologist mostly work in hospitals, private places or in an academic place. some psychologists are trained to treat specialized disorders, while other work with all different types of problems that their client has. most of the psychologist work with very severe disorders like depression.

clinical psychologist usually work in hospitals, private or academic places.

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Clinical psychologists see a median salary of $87,000. They get paid by session every time they see a patient. They try to reduce the distress of clients, they are always using methods to make positive changes in their clients lives. They mostly work with one client, mostly children with learning disabilities. They are always trying to find a meaning to the clients behaviors and thoughts. Benefits of being a psychologist is that you have high earning and flexible hours. In order to start you would need to earn a bachelors degree in psychology or in clinical psychology. Additional schooling is also necessary, to get a masters and doctoral degree.

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