Hello, My Name is Emilee

About Me ,Top Ten

1.I have a little 8 year old sister named madison and a 2 year old brother named liam my moms name is whitney and my dads name is marcus my step dads name is sean my dads girlfriends name is kira

2.I have two dogs at my moms house their names are hurley he is 6 and rosco and he is 3 months at my dads house I have 2 dogs one is named remington he is 2 and I have snickers he is 3

3.my favorite sport is volleyball and I have been playing for 4 years

4.I play guitar and have been for 3 and a half years

5.when I grow up I hope to be A musican or A good lawyer

6.I love to hunt with my dad

7.my hobbies are volleyball,and guitar,and singing

8.I also love to watch boxing

9.I love to sing and play guitar

10.I love to travel

All these picture's are things I love to do

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