The Moon's Importance

Preston Carpino 7th hour

The moon has very many different phases such as New Moon, First Quarter, Third Quarter, Warning Crescent. There's also tides which are Neap And Spring. There's also different eclipses such as lunar and solar.

Phases effects us on how close the moon is to earth it effects on how big our waves are and tides. Phases of the moon like Crescent and third Quarter phases like that.

There's to different types of tides Spring and Neap tides deal with the waves getting bigger and plus during Spring tides the tidal bulges get bigger and during Neap tides tidal bulges get smaller.

The two types of eclipses are Solar and Lunar they occur because of the moon getting in front of the sun. They can affect our eyes if you look at either Solar or Lunar eclipses.

The Moon is very important with out the moon we would die in at least two day. If we didn't have the moon we would have no water source we can't live without water for a long time. We would not have any eclipses and of course it would be darker at night but that really doesn't effect us. We wouldn't have any tides ether.

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