Writing strategies

By:Hannah Tucker IT8

Good Ways To Write An Introduction

Some good ways to write an introduction is to add good keys words, and get the reader's attention.You have to have good descriptive words and explain what you are saying well.Once you have written your good fist paragraph (which is you introduction),you are done with your first step of writing a story!

Difference between fiction and non-fiction

The difference between fiction and non-fiction is if you can prove something.If it is non-fiction that means you can prove it from a magazine,book,or the internet.Fiction is where something is made up.It is very important that you know the difference between fiction and non-fiction when you are writing a story.

Chronological Order,Capitalization,and Punctuation

When you are writing a story, you have to write it in order.When you are writing a story,you have to do beginning,middle,then,end.This is called chronological order.Capitalization is important too.Capitalization is where you make the letter at the beginning of a sentence Capitalized.Punctuation is where you put something at the end of a sentence.Like exclamation marks,question marks or periods.

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