#Ecoflow #Tackkthursday

1. Decomposer- The worm was a decomposer.

2. Consumer- People are consumers.

3. Ecosystem- We are ruining the ecosystem.

4. Producer- A cow is a producer of milk.

5. Food chain- We are part of a food chain.

Some examples of biotic factors in a wetland ecosystem are- turtlehead flowers, water, trees, butterflies, competition, bacteria, carrying capacity, plaintain, ash, etc. Abiotic factors are sunlight, air, climate, soil, water, rocks, and temperature.

example of wetland ecosystem. The arrows represent energy being transferred.

Energy enters the ecosystem food chain when the smaller fish eat the seaweed .

If one element were to be eliminated by disease or habitat loss, for example, what would happen to the food chain?

- Some of the animals might die off or have to find a new food source because it died.

Wetlands positively affect water quality because they hold good water.

Wetlands offer flood protection by holding all the water.

Wetlands protect shoreline from erosion by stopping water running down a steep hill.

Wetlands provide habitat for wildlife by giving them a place to live.

Wetlands offer animals a place to live and its a source of water.