Colonial Times                             

Diary of Kaden Reed

It was a nice summer day when I was cutting a tree.Then suddenly I was dushtrakded by two birds flying in the sky.Then they turned around and started two chase me.But thar was a worm behind me so they when behind me and tweeted so loud I cold not here my dad coling my name to come inside for my sisters  birthday.   We   War having my  faveret  pie it  was  pumpkin pie then I  started  to smel the pumpkin pie then  I   remembered that  we war  having a surprise birthday  for her  so  my  mom  had to keep  her outside  for a long time so  I  ran as  fast as   I  cold  right  when   I  got  there  they started the  party.At the party all of my  family's   Frends war there and we had so much fun.