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How does the type of circuit affect the strand of Christmas lights with a burned out bulb.

IV: Type of circuit  IV: With a burned out bulb.    DV: Affect the strand of Christmas lights.

If the Christmas lights are arranged in a parallel circuit then when 1 bulb bursts the other bulb will not light up.

I observed that when all three bulbs were light, they weren't that bright.

When I removed 1 bulb the other 2 did not work.

If the Christmas lights are arranged in a series circuit then when 1 bulb (is removed) the other bulbs will light up.

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I noticed when all three bulbs would light, it wasn't that bright.

When 1 bulb was removed the other 2 didn't work.

A parallel circuit is the best series to use for Christmas lights because 2 bulbs well work if one is removed.

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