askcow - Just another tool for online collaboration?

No, Holy Grail of project management.

Ultimate tool of project management: easier than cup of milk, more powerful than Atlas V

     "Ha!" you can say. "Why do I need askcow, if there are many web based applications arranged for the same?"

     "Ha!" we'll answer. "Try to employ them online at least for few months."

     We've tried to do this for few years but all systems we worked in remained unfit – there always was a moment then web based project management tool begun to hamper our activity instead of making it easier.

     Available online groupware were so insufficient that we were beginning our next project every time in a new set of tools of management. But anyway, attempts to ease our troubles were always idle – some online applications were so primitive that they couldn't meet the requirements of large amount of people working at a complicated task; some on the contrary were so tangled, that giving the using of these systems up was the only solution. We were suffering.

     But these ordeals have finally crystallized our ideas about the Holy Grail of the online project management. Thus we have acquired our purpose. And from this very moment an askcow story has begun.

Under the hood.

     The service is built on HTML + javascript, so you haven't to reload your browser's page by pressing F5 constantly, in contrast to Basecamp and JIRA. Updates and changes inside issues are visible at the same moment when they appear. Not so many services are advanced enough to support this feature - Facebook and Twitter are the most well-known.

Easy manageable tree of issues – superpower for project managers and software architects.

     Tasks in askcow are stored in a tree of unlimited depth, which, in addition, works ultra fast. This tells our tool from simple services like Trello and RememberTheMilk. Tree of tasks is easy manageable and you can carry bundles of tasks from one branch to another in a few clicks. For example, you haven't to close tasks one after another wasting time; you can just shut down the branch where these issues are stored.

Bookmarks and notifications – keep a finger on your project pulse.

     In addition to a tree, we introduced also traditional lists, where tasks are sorted out by priority and activity log. This is a usual practice, but we advanced further and succeeded in getting you rid of informational noise, which constantly litter these lists with new tasks and issues. This problem is usual, especially, when your team is large and its tasks are numerous. We fitted easy adjustable bookmarks with interactive real-time notification system, so users are always informed about how many updates their tasks have, which of them are important and so on. You haven't to check each update in your project - all of them are always in front of you. Nor Basecamp, nor Asana have such functionality.

     Issues are askcow substance, a content regulated into a tree. We carried out a lot of work in order to make them comfortable for managing and editing. You can attach any file to a task, comment it, set statuses and progress. Sure, these features are usual, but askcow also allows comparing different editions of the same issue. This piece of functionality is intended to secure the information inside the project and get collaborators rid from micro bureaucracy.

Fort Knox for your information.

     askcow is a system of high security, despite we threw out almost all of user access settings. Instead we built up the safety of information on solid base of three whales. The first one restricts users from access to data on fundamental level. Project administrator just select, which tree branches are accessible for a user. The second whale is "No delete" principle - nobody can destroy anything in a project. The third one is complete transparency, so nobody can hide something from his colleagues. All this means, that your information cannot be spoiled: if something changes in a project, you know about it and can roll the change back.

Save time by running your business with a tool elaborated to perfection.

     askcow interface is engineered in order to reduce unneeded actions to minimum, and we insist, that currently it is the fastest service for online collaboration of such type. Polished use cases, modes for processing the data, infographical color palette - all this made askcow so handy and comfortable.

     You can run askcow in any browser, which support javascript - Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, and almost on any device, including tablets and smartphones.

     askcow is the service for online collaboration of a new generation, and we’re glad to share it with you.

     Register your askcow account for free at now!

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