My 7th grade year

Top 10 moments from the entire year

7th grade camp

7th grade camp was by far the best time I had in seventh grade.  Just being with all of my friends for an entire week was amazing, along with all of the activities.  On top of that, getting away from siblings was really nice too.  

Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is the best extracurricular that I've ever done.  The team is amazing and so much fun to be around.  To be on a team that you spend so much time with, you all become a family.  You can't help it, everyone becomes so much closer and you make so many friends; not to mention that it's fun to compete.  This year we placed 5th at regionals and placed 12 out of 40 teams at states.  

Peace Day Soccer Game

The Peace Day soccer game was an event held for Peace Day where the teachers played against the 7 and 8 grade soccer team.  It is so cool to have such interactive activities like that! I believe the students won, but the game was just for fun and everyone had a blast.

Outsider's Day

A grade-wide activity based on the book the "Outsiders", everybody (including teachers) dressed up as either Greasers or Socs.  Greasers being jeans and t-shirts, and Socs being "preppy" wearing khakis and madras.  In ELA, all of the classes did these different activities related to the book, the day was amazing and so much fun.

Teacher-Student Basketball Game

Towards the end of the school year, the 8 grade basketball teams and the teachers played each other in a game.  It was really funny, and some of the teachers were actually good.  The girls and boys switched off, but the scores were added up.  It was a really intense game, everyone was cheering and all of the players got really competitive.

The Musical

Although I wasn't in the musical, it was spectacular.  All of the effects and backgrounds were really well done and the songs were amazing.  On top of the musical itself being so good, a ton of my friends were in it, which made me love it even more.  The show was Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  Everyone's voices were really good and I'm sure all of the practices were well worth it.

My trip to Coasta Rica

For Spring Break I went to Coasta Rica with my family and some family friends.  Even though it was the dry season, it was beautiful.  There were spectacular sunsets every night and I never stopped having fun.  

Winter Break

Every year around Christmas and the 4 of July, I get to see my cousins.  They live in Houston so I don't see them very often.  This year they stayed in longer than usual and we all had a ton of fun together.  We hung out almost 24/7.

Band Concert

In band, we have 2 concerts each school year.  One is around Christmas and the other is towards the end of the year.  The winter concert went really well and the 8 graders played this really cool song featuring the percussion.  I was sick during the second concert though, so I couldn't go.  I did hear that it was really good though.

Radio Dramas

We did these things called radio dramas in HELA.  It was really cool, we got to make our own radio broadcast!  Making the script and actually completing the broadcast almost flawlessly was really hard and took a long time, but we did it!

top moments from HELA

The Rusties Exhibit

In class, we read this book called the "Uglies". I didn't really like the book that much, but in honor of the primitive people from the past in the book called the Rusties, we created a museum as if we were Uglies creating it.  There were a couple of different jobs; there were builders, historians, and artists.  I was a builder and it was really fun.  We created the entire exhibit out of cardboard and things we found around the classroom.

A Kid Named John

In class, there was a kid named John.  He is actually pretty smart, but he thinks that he isn't.  So, he would always same some really weird stuff and just make everyone laugh.  One time, he taught us how to cross the US-Mexico boarder properly.  Another time, he wouldn't stop saying Ebola for over a week.   He was hilarious and actually made some good points every once in a while.

And then there were None

We read a book called "and Then There Were None" in HELA.  It was a murder mystery novel, one of the first ever.  The book was so good.  A lot of people had read the book already in class, but those who didn't really would have never guessed who committed the murders or why or even how.  The only part I didn't like was having to keep updating the case file, that wasn't much fun.  The book itself was amazing though and I loved it.

Core-class, band

Band is a really fun class to take.  Mr. Link can be a little hard, or extraordinarily honest, but he is a great teacher to have.  We did a lot this year too.  We finished learning the 12 major scales, we learned all of our concert songs, finished the book, finished theory, and even started working on the songs for 8 grade band night.  The quizzes were probably the worst part.  We had to record our self playing whatever we needed to at home.  It was hard sometimes.  To survive, make sure you practice and keep up with where the class is.  You don't want to fall behind because you will just fall further and further back.  Don't be afraid to ask for help either.  Mr. Link is always happy to help people when they need it.


Camp was so much fun.  We did a ton of activities like capture the flag, ultimate frisbee, arts and crafts, nature hike, creek walk and pond study, out door cooking, orienteering, survivor, Chinese and American games, and dance.  All of the activities were great, I wish we had had more time.  The part that was most fun had to be the dance, though.  Everyone was hanging out with their friends (both boy and girl) and was having a great time.  The entire grade was dancing to songs like the Cupid Shuffle, Cotton Eye Joe, and the classic Thriller.  I am so happy that I went, and camp was by far the best part of my year this year.

Survival tips

1. Make sure you study.  For many subjects now, there is harder information to remember if you just listen in class.  Try to study ahead of time and make sure you know your information.

2. Always do your homework.  Homework becomes really important.  There can be larger grades for it and the homework does help you in class.  It can show what you need work on and is a great study tool.

3. Plan your schedule.  Many people have sports or some other extracurricular.  People get busy, so make sure you know your schedule and plan for homework, projects, and other things that you need to do.

4. Never be afraid to ask for help.  The teachers are there to help you.  If you are struggling, just ask for some extra guidance, you don't need to worry about it.  The teachers are always happy to help.


Survival is a life-long battle, but whether or not you have fun surviving is up to you.

Thank you teachers!

Thank you all of my teachers for an amazing year that I will never forget:

Dr. Bates, Mr. Peterson, Mr. Link, Mrs. Krisfalusy, Mr. Klimkowski.

The rule to live by.  ;)

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