Exploration Proposal

Made By: Maya Mehigan

My Goals.....

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As a citizen of France, my main goal is to get King James I's approval to sail westward. I chose to sail for the country of England because this country is needs expansion, Gold, Lumber, and more Natural Resources. The main resources that I am mostly focusing on looking for my preference are Gold and new open land. Although I will look for others also.

What Year?

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I have decided to leave in the year 1605, if everything goes approximately. The year 1605 is in the area of when all explorers have decided to go. With this choice in year to go, I will hopefully not run into any other explorers, so that means my route will be safe.


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Gold can be used and sold for value and then be eventually given to the king. I feel that we can find and explore new areas westward and find "chambers" of gold. I will do whatever it takes to find England new, dazzling gold!

Fur and Animal Skins

"III.1: INUIT CLOTHING/SHELTER 1. Winter Clothing ~ People of the Arctic by John Tyman." III.1: INUIT CLOTHING/SHELTER 1. Winter Clothing ~ People of the Arctic by John Tyman. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Oct. 2014.

Since England is very crammed and lacking open/non-developed land, it must be very hard to find animal skins and fur. Animal skins and fur can be turned into jackets, shoes, blankets, bags, and more. All of these manufactured materials can be purchased by the community and sold.

Undeveloped Land

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What England really needs is open land. I believe that moving westward will indeed solve that problem. Just imagine when I arrive their what it would be like seeing clear green grass that goes on for thousands of miles. England needs that kind of space to sell and use for parks, cottages, neighborhoods, stores, roads, building, soil to grow plants, and more. Your lives in England would be so much easier to perform daily activities if you had more space. New land would help your country expand in size and establish new and more settlements in the new world.

Natural Resources

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In the new world, I will hopefully successfully find natural resources like lumber, coal, oil, fish, trees, clean water, fuels, flowers, metals, minerals, natural gas, and more. Natural Resources will help develop and construct new buildings and structures for a growing establishment in the new world.

My Game plan for obstacles.....

"Overcoming Perceived Obstacles." N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Oct. 2014.

What Obstacles I might encounter:

Natives will already have established land and I will not have any. – I will take what I can get. Other Europeans will have already claimed the land. – I will keep looking and explore farther. We get lost at sea. – We use our compasses and other handy navigation tools and turn around and start over if needed.

To sum up how I will solve them:

I will use persuasion and defend with the others I bring if there are any unwelcomed guests or things in our way. If we run in to trouble on the ride their, I will use my doctors that came along to cure sickness, and navigation tools incase we get lost.

Where I will go when in North America

"Discovering of America." Discovery of America. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Oct. 2014.

When my expedition ship arrives in North America, we will hopefully land in the southern part on the west coast. When we get their, my troops will plant and start building a fort.  Everyone else and I will go westward and look for gold, land to start developing on, food, clean water, and wood to help build fort. Hopefully moving westward will help us get away from the beach and explore in forests and other features. This plan will help our camp find natural resources and explore new land.

What other countries are discovering?

"Exploring Portugal, Spain, France and England: A Short Escape."Exploring Portugal, Spain, France and England: A Short Escape. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Oct. 2014.

France and Spain are both discovering new land by sending explorers to North America.

Those countries are finding new and more gold, fur from animals, new food and more animals to eat, more plants and herbs, and new land to claim and establish. They are all looking for the same resources as me, mainly gold and new land.

Thank you for watching my proposal and I am glad to take any donations towards the expedition!

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