During the nineteenth century, poor children used to work. They were often employed in factories, farms or mines, but they were not physically or psychologically abled for those jobs. The dangerous working conditions and the huge amount of hours meant that children worked as hard as any adult, but without laws to protect them. Children were cheaper to employ than adults, and easier to discipline; and for many families it was more important for a child to bring home some money than to get an education.   The child labour was essential for Britain’s economic success in the 19th century. The Industrial Revolution created a huge demand of child labour. Specially for children who worked in coalmines, conditions were terrible.    

Nowadays the situation has improved a lot! There are laws that protect children under eighteen years old, so they can't work. But despite that laws, there are still so many children working illegally; this is a challenge for this new century.   Another difference between children in the 19th century and children nowadays is that children in the early 1800’s used to play with homemade toys. That situation has also changed; now children since they are born, get used to play with technological things, such as computer games.

In our opinion those are no good changes, we mean that technology progress is absolutely great, but it has to be useful, and for little children to grow up, they need to share things with other children of the same age. And playing computer games, por example, they don’t get used to share and have fun with friends, and also they don´t develop the creativity.

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