Thing 3 Cloud Initiation

Quest 1 What is the Cloud?

Cloud Computing benefits you when you create and save your work because you don't have to keep everything that's important to you on your phone or any electronic because the Cloud saves and stores it for you.It also keeps your information secure so that if anyone steals your computer or phone it will still be saved to the cloud.It can help benefit you in classroom if you're a student,let say you have a document to turn in but you lost the document well if you saved it to the cloud than it will be safe and secure.Having a cloud is easier too that way if you save all your papers and documents to your cloud there's a greater chance you won't lose them like instead of having all those papers.And instead of you having to deal with all your important documents the cloud handles it for you.And if you're at school and working on a homework assignment you can easily save it to the cloud especially,if you know you're going to lose it.

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