Geometry All Around Us Project

By: Christopher Hamilton

How can these quadrilaterals be proven similar?

Answer: definition of a square.

What is the relationship between these two angles if all of the columns are parallel?

Answer: corresponding angles

What postulate could prove these triangles congruent?

Answer: Side Angle Side (SAS)

Are lines AB and CD parallel? Why or why not?

Answer: yes because of the definition of alternate interior angles

Can this polygon tessellate? Why or why not?

Answer: Yes because regular hexigons can tessellate

If the yield sign is an equilateral triangle, what is the measure of any of it's exterior angles?

Answer: 120 degrees

If the angle measures of a triangle are 80 degrees, 50 degrees, and 50 degrees, then what are two ways it can be classified by it's angles or sides?

Answer: acute and isoceles

What is the relationship between the two highlighted angles?

Answer: vertical angles

Are the two lines parallel, perpindicular, or skew?

Answer: Perpendicular

What is the measure of the highlighted angle?

Answer: 60 degrees

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