Self Reflection.

By: Andrew Yock.

My Top Three Careers.

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources.

Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources workers produce agricultural goods this includes food, plants, animals, fabrics, wood, and crops some market and sell or finance agricultural goods.

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics.

workers move people and products by road, air, rail, and water you might work as a driver, pilot, engineer, or captain. You might repair or maintain the vehicles, trains, planes, and ships that move people and products or, you might work behind the scenes to make sure the products and people get to the right place on time.


workers work with products and equipment you might design a new product, decide how the product will be made, or make the product you might work on cars, computers, appliances, airplanes, or electronic devices you also can install or repair products for example, you might install refrigerators or washers, repair plumping in commercial buildings, or diagnose engine problems in cars and trucks.

My Key Interests.

R- Realistic. These are the people who DO things with their hands they enjoy being outside using there hands.

Realistic are people who like to do things outside with there hands and eyes to explore the world. These people like to do physical activities, mechanical, and like to be outdoors.

I- Investigative. these people are the THINKERS they prefer analytically or intellectual activities these people prefer to work with ideas rather then with people or things.

Investigative are people who like being by them selves with problems they generally require in there fields to have mathematical and scientific abilities.

A- Artistic these people are CREATORS these people like to work with there own ideas and in a unstructured work area.

these people generally have and artistic ability and good imaginations they like to work on ideas instead of having someone tell them what to make these people generally are singers, sculptures, dancers, and painters.

Careers I would consider are.

- Fish & Game Wardens.

- Agriculture Food & Natural Resources.

- Farm Equipment Mechanic.


- ISTP. Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving.

- Jobs that interested me - Farming, & Mechanic.

My Strongest Skill Areas.

- Technical, and System skills.

- Careers I would choose Farm Equipment Mechanics & Outdoor large equipment mechanics,

My Most Important Values.

Environment, Fun & Humor, Physical Challenge, Adventure, Change & Variety.

- Careers I would consider- Fish & Game warden & Farm equipment mechanic.

What I Learned About My Self.

What I learned about my self is my personality and my skill set showed the jobs that I liked and would like to do like Fish & Game warden or a Farm mechanic stuff that I can see my self doing for a life long career.