Daiquiri Diagram

I have never heard of the Feltron Reports, but I found them extremely amusing. My first thought was that it must take a lot of time and effort! They seem to get more complex as the years go by and I found that interesting as well. Some of them were hard to understand, while others made me giggle and stare at for a long time!

The first aspect I found that I enjoyed was a infographic from his 2005 annual report. It consisted of a graph of photographs he had taken that year and divided them up into categories: Photographs Per Country, Digital Photos vs Analog Photos, and Photographic subjects. I found this interesting because I am a photographer and take pictures all the time! I never thought about tracking my pictures, but I think my graph would look a little different than his. For Photographs per country I would only have a section for USA because I do not travel... I would have more digital photos than analog photos but still have some analog, unlike him because he had 0! As for his photographic subject graph which was broken up to: 82% other, 14% people, 3% work, and 1% cat. Mine would probably be more like this: 80% people, 10% selfies, 5% cat, and 5% other. I think if I payed attention to how many photographs I take or what the subject matter is, it might challenge me to shoot more or different things.

The second aspect I found that I enjoyed was a infographic from his 2007 annual report. It shows his drinking habits throughout the year such as total number of different kinds of drinks consumed, varieties of each, worst beverage, bar visits by month, etc. I found this thought-provoking because I could not imagine trying to keep up with every drink I have had, and it also made me laugh a little bit. I think if I were to do something similar I would want to only document my alcoholic beverages instead of all beverages because I think it would be very fun to find out how much alcohol I can consume annually. I think my total number of alcoholic beverages would be around the same or higher as Felton's (his was 968...) I would like to keep track of how many shots Ive taken, how many mixed drinks and what kinds, and how many beers and what kinds so I can look back and ask "why did I do this?" when my liver is failing. I think if I would have done that from my freshman year of college until my senior year, the total number of alcoholic beverages would incline and probably spike to the highest number this year... I think paying attention to the data would HOPEFULLY make me want to drink less alcohol to save my body some hurt in the later years.. But I still think it would be pretty cool to know all that information about yourself and have it presented in a colorful graph!