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Retargeting. Pop Ups. Exit Redirects.

Imagine having the partial advantage over ALL your competition, so that you can easily:

  • Retarget anyone who visits your websites around the internet
  • Create Infinite Retargeting Efforts
  • Keep your ads in front of your prospects Google and more
  • Monitor your stats for many efforts
  • Depart Pop Ups

Prospects that were prisoner is designed to do just that.

> Captive Prospects

Why could it be so powerful to have this sort of advice?

Because you can:

  • Know exactly how to "tweak" your products to stay on top of your competition
  • Marketplace to prospects who've shown an interest in your sites
  • Create multiple retargeting efforts across multiple platforms
  • No technical skills needed for this background application that is powerful

Go here to grab your copy now:

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