The gift to kids

Often we're all in trouble to send party gifts singapore to children.For example, on “international children's day " a lot of parents are worrying about what gift can be sent to the child.

So let us have a look at the children's day in other countries the children have received any gifts.

Germany: blessing and gift from parents and teachers

In Germany, more interesting is the children can have two children's day, June 1, and September 20.The former is called "international children's day", which is named "world children's day".

For children, both on June 1 and September 20, are equally exciting.Because the children will receive the blessings and gifts from parents and teachers.At the same time, the children in the kindergarten and school will organize go out for a parade.

The United States: the favorite gift is "manual material toolbox"

Despite the international children's day is on June 1st, but the United States has no habit of children's day.According to locals said too many American children festival, not tight curriculum and rich extracurricular activities every day like a holiday.

In fact, the children's day is just a form, for children, the most exciting festival is received gifts.Through investigating that most American parents like to send a gift to children can be created manually.In the United States, the manual material package is mainly has two brands: Kiwi Crate and BabbaBox, they all adopt the popular monthly subscription model, providing children with manual material do their own projects.

Japan: the game software and cartoon of the most popular

Japan as anime power and strong IT, where the children often receive software or comic book as a present.

Japanese families don't often buy toys for children, often prepare more expensive toy in the birthday, children's day and Christmas day for children, so children's day is also the most looking forward to the children's festival.

Australia: regard birthday party as "holiday"to celebrate

Australia does not have a special children's day, but the parents are very particular about another day the child's birthday.In the birthday day, parents often send some small gifts of less than 100 yuan, is likely to be dolls or child bicycle.

Australian parents tend to hold some bigger birthday parties, actually spend how much money is the second, it is important to give a fond memories of childhood birthday to their children.Relatively popular birthday party is parents invite some children, friends and their parents having a theme birthday party or color face party together.

No matter what gift we send, the love that children received. So is party gifts singapore.