China Dynasties

Sui, Tang, and Song Dynasty

The Sui dynasty lasted more than 350 years. Wendi founded the Sui dynasty and became its first emperor. Wendi worked to build a centralized government. He restored order, created a new legal code, and reformed the bureaucracy. He also created policies to provide all adult males with land and to ensure the availability of fresh grain. The greatest accomplishment of the Sui dynasty was the Grand Canal.

The Tang dynasty ruled China from 618 to 907. Tang rulers built on Sui foundations to create a strong government. They established one capital at Chang'an, and a second capital at Luoyang. Government control remained centralized and based on a bureaucracy of officials. Tang significantly expanded China and its influence. The Tang had many innovations such as woodblock printing, paper money, porcelain, and magnetic compass. Much of this expansion occurred during the reign of Taizong. After Taizong's death one of his sons became emperor. The new emperor was weal and sickly, and his wife Wu Zhao gained power.

The Song dynasty ruled for about 300 years. The song produced great achievements and prosperity. Under their rule, Chinese civilization became the most advanced in the world. The Song established a capital at Kaifeng and restored centralized government control. The Song had many innovations such as movable type and gunpowder.