Intro to Japan!

Japan's history is rich with fashion,literature, and arts.The Japanese also had a love for architecture. The Japanese were also getting innovations from china. The Japanese also were peaceful because of the isolation on their islands.      

Visual Art

Japanese nobles also loved visual arts. Most popular art forms were paintings,calligraphy, and sculpting. They often painted the tale on Genji.they liked paintings and sculptures that told stories these took hours and or days to make. Calligraphy also often took days or weeks of writing and rewriting.


The nobles of Heain worked to make their city beautiful. They admired Chinese architecture and copied much of China's style. Most of  the designs were airy and simple. One famous design is that of the gate that they put at the front of a Shinto shrine.


The nobles also created an imperial court. These members had little idea what the poor propel or people outside the walls daily life was. Many called them dwellers among the clouds.  But again the nobles loved beauty and started painting great pieces of art. As a result Heain became a center of culture.


The nobles love of elegance started with themselves.they wore magnificent robes and gold jewelry. They  also loved silk. Often they carried fans decorated in nature themes or animals.


These nobles took great care in what they wrote and said. Many women in court wrote in diaries,unlike men they wrote in Japanese. One of the best pieces and most known pieces of writing was the tale of Genji.the characters in it are described as real and carefully is seems life like.

Preforming Arts

The roots of Japanese performance  can be traced to this time.people often gathered to watch jugglers,muck and and was soon it would become more dramtic and then called Noh he created it in the 1300s.


The most popular Buddhism in Japan was called pure land Buddhism it simply required saying or chanting the Buddhas name.another one was zen it was favored by warriors for its discipline and and meditation.

Modern Visual art Drama and Fashion

Japanese fashion art and drama has changed over time fashion has gotten weirder art has gotten oblivious and drama simply has not changed.

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