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What About Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joshua K. #whataboutme #kettner#Tech32

Hi, my name is Joshua Krafft, I am a male and a try hard pianist, I love my puppy Pepper and I have a mini cactus named Benito , the song that I can listen on repeat...is...mud on the tires by Brad Paisley.

The first time I fell of my bike was when I was riding my bike, I saw this cute little chipmunk, as  I started to go towards  it a Nissan Pathfinder ran it over and didn't even stop to see what happened. It was a hit and run, and killed little nutty. He looked a lot like a chipmunk I once knew, his name was Peanut Master...because of his skills in eating peoples nuts!!!  Oh...yeah and my pet peeve is people whining about how much they want to go to pairs. :)