Important Vitamins And Minerals You Should Look For In Hair Growth Supplements

According to a number of studies general western diet has considerably changed during the period of last 20 years or so and a typical present day American diet is found to be deficient in certain vitamins and minerals those are important for hair growth. There are many nutrients and herbs containing essential vitamins for hair growth and these things can actually influence growth of hair follicles in three basic ways. Diet hair growth supplements those are rich in vitamins and minerals can act directly on hair follicles stimulating growth or they can also act indirectly through some other intermediary.

There are vitamin supplements and herbs those can influence production of certain hormones in human body impacting the activity of the hair follicles. Some vitamins and minerals are also there those influence activity level of other vitamins and minerals and here are some of them known to be controlling hair growth and hair loss in human beings.

Para-Aminobenzoic Acid

This particular nutrient belongs to vitamin B complex family and is found to prevent premature gryaing of hair in young individuals. Deficiency of Para-Aminobenzoic Acid or PABA along with Pantothenic Acid and Folic Acid results in pre-mature hair discoloration. Vitamin B complex rich diet can actually bring back the original color of your hair and liver, kidney, whole grains and yeast are the best source of this type of vitamins.


Inositol is known as one of the major vitamins responsible for hair loss in human beings. This also belongs to the vitamin B complex group and researches show that lack of this particular vitamin can result in baldness in human beings.


Biotin is also known as Vitamin H and is one of the most essential vitamins in human body responsible for hair loss. This vitamin metabolizes fatty acid – an indispensible element for hair growth and various other bodily functions. Egg yolk, liver, kidney, yeast and milk are common sources of biotin and as the vitamin can promote and also enhance growth of hair follicles it plays an important role in preventing pattern baldness.

Vitamin E

This is considered as the most effective vitamin present in all hair growth supplements and it also plays a vital role in slowing down the ageing process. Taking vitamin E supplements regularly can promote hair growth considerably.

As a matter of fact the hair growth supplements industry is worth several billion dollars annually and these products are now available in all forms and shapes. Moreover a growing number of websites selling these products online has made those all the more easily to be found and bought by the consumers. But if you are planning to buy vitamins for hair growth online quality of the product should be one major factor that you should be concerned about. Typically most of the vitamins and minerals required for hair growth are naturally available in fresh foods and maintaining a good food habit that includes all necessary vitamins and minerals could also be the secret of your healthy and shining hair.

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