Library Happenings

Emmett J. Conrad High School

Summer School 2015

July 6 - 9

This week was all about research research research! Every day the Conrad Library was full with classes that were researching the pros and cons of standardized testing, career opportunities, the effects of drugs on the body, and other topics of their choosing. We worked on using the OPAC to locate books, using DISD databases such as Career Cruiser and Ebsco to locate information and EasyBib to help with citations, determining whether a source is credible or not, and properly citing sources. After a week of hard work, I'm looking forward to seeing them present their projects next week!

Collaborating with Hillcrest High School English II teacher Brittnee Shocklee to teach students how to use the OPAC to locate books.
Using to create Prezi on standardized testing!
These students are researching fashions of various decades - fun topic!
Using the OPAC to locate books on No Child Left Behind.