Emma Johnson

1.The event that inspired this cartoon, was the legacy and passing of Shirley Temple.

2.Shirley Temple Black is the only real person in this cartoon.

3.The heart represents a life long respect, and adoration most of the citizens of America show for her, and also to represent that love by saying that she'll be our Valentine forever.

The girl with the curl red hair represents Shirley Temple.

4.The author's opinion is that Shirley's legacy is highly respected and she will be mourned on valentines day.

5. I agree, because she set a standard for acting and was in that business for so long. She also was part of some of the best movies ever.

Tight sucurity

1. The event that inspired this cartoon, is the high security at the Olympics.

2. There are no real people in this cartoon.

3. The angry hound represents a Russian watch dog/ security dog.

The orange and green ski suit guy is an Olympic skier.

4. The author's opinion, is that the crowd/ performer's may be surprised to how actually tight the security is.

5. I agree, from what I've seen, they have watchdogs, and men dressed in professional outfits, but they also have other renforcements at work.