Why Do You Need Label Maker??

Organization is the best path to efficiency, be it for home or office. Don’t you believe that? Well, just imagine finding a visiting card that you had placed on a desk that’s filled with stray, important papers. How much time will you take to find that card? Ages, won’t you? Or you could find it in a jiffy if all the papers are properly filed and stored at the appropriate place. Same goes for the kitchen. If the knives aren’t kept at the proper place, you will be all over the kitchen looking for it when the need arises. Hence the importance of organization can be never underestimated.

The first step toward organization is having a proper labeling system in place. You can label addresses of your suppliers, files and folders, price tags, shipping tickets, and pretty much anything you want to. Labeling will help you keep all the things at the proper, designated place, as well as will make the task of locating things simple and quick.

You can label either through a label printer or through a label maker. Label printer, which is a computer printer that prints on self-adhesive label material, is not as popular as label maker, which is nothing but a label printer with a built-in keyboard and display for stand-alone use.

There are various types of label makers available in the market. You can choose the style of printing, fonts, size and many other features according to your requirements. While choosing the label maker, consider the following factors:

l Features required: First you need to decide upon your requirements. The kind of fonts and text colors you require, the number of characters you need and so on.

l Display and keyboard size: Label maker comes with a small screen which displays the text that you type. You need to check whether the size of the screen is comfortable enough for your eyes. Also, check whether the keyboard is appropriately sized according to your fingers.

l Portable: Usually sophisticated label makers are quite heavy to carry around. Simpler the label maker, lighter to carry. So if portability of the maker is one of the key requirements, it will be better to opt for a simpler label maker.

l Power source: Most of the label makers are battery operated. If you are going to use it extensively, look for the products that come with rechargeable battery packs or optional power cords.

l Special features: If you are planning to use label maker for retail use, look for units that offer features such as barcodes, symbols or picture. You can also look for units that use magnetic ink so that the printed labels can be easily read by a scanner for inventory purposes.

Once your requirements are clear, you know what kind of label maker you are looking for.

At Acedepot, we offer a wide selection of label makers, ranging form simple ones that are suitable for home or small office, to highly sophisticated ones that can be used in giant warehouses. You can find brands such as DYMO, Brother, Memorex and Avery at the store.

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I used one before and the papercut from that killer label almost killed me

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Dang tho I got one and when I put it on my cousins mouth, we had to get it surgically removed cause it stuck so well