Myriam's Music Memory list

W.C. Handy

My interpretation of St. Louis Blues

William Christopher handy was a father to four children. He was born in a cabin in Alabama. young William was saving money to buy a guitar. After working for a few months and the last penny he could add so he can buy a guitar. So one day he went to the shop to go buy a guitar. When he got home his dad said “you got a guitar.” So he made him take back the guitar and exchange the guitar for a big dictionary.

W.C Handy is know as the father of blues. One day he woke up and packed his stuff in his suitcase and without telling his wife. He left from the house. He was hearing music from outside a room. The sounds of the music send w.c handy memories. He played a band in the church. W.C.Handy has been a very good player as playing jazz. He received a little money for the “Memphis Blues”

My opinion about the blues is about. They play really good. He was the first person to write down and publish the blues. If W.C. Handy still lived I will buy his music because they sound perfect. That is my opinion about the blues.

Carl Orff

  • born in Germany
  • created Orff instruments for elementary schools
  • found a school for music and movement
  • his school was hit by a bomb during world war II
  • Carl Orff last work, De temporum fine comedia had its premiere at the Salzburg Festival on August 20,1973.
  • Orff was married four times
  • Orff only had one kid which was from his first marriage
  • Orff died of cancer in Munich in 1982 at the age of 86

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