One of my favorite parts in homeroom is when I get to learn math.

We have been learning about Africa a lot. My group has been learning about droughts.

Favorite Electives

My 1st favorite elective is Are you game with Mr. Todtfeld. I like it because you get to learn a new game and then the next day you get to choose which game you want to play.

My second favorite elective is Math Camp surf's up because I am good at math and you get to play math games. When you are done with an assignment you get to play Prodigy or Reflex

My 2nd Favorite Elective

My 3rd Favorite Elective

My 3rd favorite elective is Fitness fun because you get to play kickball, dodge ball, silent ball, and a lot of other fun games! You also get to go outside if it is not raining.

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