Depression is a condition far worse than just anyones sadness. Depression is the feeling of helplessness, hopelessness, worhlessness and very little if any relief.

    Symptoms- Can't sleep/ Too much sleep,Cant concentrate, Easy tasks are now difficult, No appetite/ Can't stop eating, Short temper/ Agressive, Consuming more alcohol then usual, Thoughts that life is not worth living

  A few ways of self-prevention without medication isto get enough food and eating healthy, enough sleep and excersize regularly. To stay away from depresion you must teach yourself to always stay positive, learn the power of positive pep talks and make time for friends family and self activities. There are also treatment options including: anti-depresents, psycho therapy or a combination of both.

     Causes- Lack of social support, Loneliness, Recent stressfull life experiences, Genetics, Relationship issues, Money difficulty, Early childhood trauma

This video shows how far depression will push you and what it can turn into. So many people deal with this everyday. Even celebrities. This illness is very serious and can get out of hand faster than it seems.  All these disorders she talks about were related and mixed in with depression. Depression is a very serious illness that needs to be dealt with or could lead to worse things. In this video it shows what happens when you ignore your depression and act like everythings fine. It gets worse. Demi's Example is a good one to look at because she is someone who had dealt with depression and was strong enough to fight through it and get help to become better.

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