The Earth On Turtle's Back
by:Onondaga-Northeast Woodlands

Group 1: Nikki Nicholson, Holly Radford, Armoni Harris, Ethan Butler, Tommy Moreau,Tyler Barrow

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BackGround- Native Americans have great respect for the natural world. They believe that each living thing possesses a unique power tat sustains it and affects others. This power is a part of the grater power, which many Native American cultures recognize as a Great Spirit- the source of all life. These beliefs are reflected in Native American myths, such as the stories that follow.

Story Map 2


  • Where: Outside near a tree in Sky land
  • When: Before Earth was created

Major Characters

  • Muskrat, Sky woman, Great turtle

Minor Characters

  • Sky Chief, 2 Swans, Duck, Beaver


  • The sky chief's wife prophesied the uprooting of the Great Tree. The chief tore out the tree, and as the wife bent over to take a look down, down, down she went with a handful of seeds. The animals saw her falling while realizing she didn't have webbed feet meaning she didn't belong in water. They began to search for Earth so the wife would have or maintain an upright position again.

Event 1:

  • The Sky Chief's wife uprooted the Great tree

Event 2:

  • Sky Chief's wife plumed down to the ocean world below

Event 3:

  • Animal's tried to find Earth for the woman to live on; Stand


The determined muskrat dung up Earth and it was created on the Great Turtle's back