Bui Duy Binh is 11 years old and in the fifth grade. He lives with his mom, dad and younger brother in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

5:30 A.M.I get up, brush my teeth and get ready for school. My mom usually makes my breakfast. But today, I buy pho (faw), a beef noodle soup, from a street vendor.

Either my mom or dad gives me a ride to school on our motorcycle. Not many people can afford cars here. Because of traffic, it takes 10 minutes to get to school.

Every Monday, school starts with a salute to Ho Chi Minh. Our city is named in his honor. His picture hangs in almost every school and house in Vietnam. After the salute, we sing songs that honor our country.

I turn in my homework. After that, we have art class. A teacher comes to our room to teach us how to draw. My team chooses me to draw at the board.

School ends. Because there are not enough teachers, half of my school goes to class in the morning and half goes in the afternoon. My parents work, so when school ends, I take a motorcycle taxi home. We call it a xe om (say ohm).

I get home and water the plants on our rooftop garden. When my mother gets home, we eat lunch together. Afterward, I read and take a nap.

When I wake up, I eat yogurt or fruit and start studying. Sometimes, I'll go for a walk in my neighborhood. I stay close to home, because the crowded streets can be dangerous

I help my mom prepare dinner. Tonight, we make tofu, chicken wings, fried squid and French fries. It is so good!

After dinner, I go to my room to practice piano or draw. I like to play with my little brother, because he makes me laugh.I take a shower before bed. Then it is time for sleep. Good night!

Life.. My name is Laura I'm 13 years old. I'm in 7th grade. i lives with my mom and dad and my 2 sisters in dilsbro

7:30 A.M i get up get ready for school. i usually eat breakfast at school.

I have to ride the bus to school because my mom work at night.

every monday at school we usually start a new lesson. we finish learning the lesson during that week.

8:00 if we have homework we turn it in wherever the teacher tell to put it.

2:45 school ends. we have different teachers every 35 minutes. my mom is home though we still have to ride the bus home.

i get home, do my chores and then when we get done with chores we can do whatever we want. but at 5:45 we have to be in the house because my mom has to work.

so by the time she leaves for work it dinner time. we we will eat whatever my mom got us to eat.

7:00 when i get done eating i will probably go up stair and go to sleep for a little bit, or just play on my phone

8:30 8:30 is usually the time i get a shower for school the next day. i get my clothes ready and my towels.

then when i get out of the shower i probably will go back in my room and watch tv till i go to sleep.

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