Unit 3-
Culture: Patterns & Processes

By: Ocean Valdez


                                                                 Social Groups

Social Groups: Army/Wealthy (200), Guerillas(60), Peasants(0), US(60), Guatemalan Government(40)

                                                                Shifted Power

Army/Wealthy has the most power, however it shifted throughout the other social groups. Peasants started with no power and we (Army/Wealthy) started with 200. We made a treaty with the peasants to give them MSUs, however they broke it. We then made an alliance with the Guerillas and gave them MSUs, but we silenced one of them. After that, we had 170 MSUs. In month 2, we lost 10 MSUs to the Guerillas (then they had 120 MSUs). At the end of month 3, the Army/Wealthy had 160 MSUs and the Guerillas had 130 MSUs. The rest of the groups had the same number of consistent MSUs throughout the whole game.

                                                      Cooperation & Conflict

The Guerillas cooperated with the Peasants by sending some of their people over there. The Army/Wealthy has a lot of conflict with the Guerillas. The guerillas attacked Army/Wealthy and they lost, so we got MSUs. We did not counter attack. The same thing happened again, except we did counter attack. We gained MSUs and the Guerillas lost some.

The US held everything together and made sure there was peace.

                                                         Positive or Negative?

It's positive for the country that gains power, however its negative for the country that loses it. Power shifting can cause disputes and can turn countries against each other.

                                                                     My Life

I have cooperation and conflict with my friends. Sometimes we get into fights and sometimes we take sides and leave one behind. However, eventually we settle the argument and we become friends again. I also cooperate with my parents and sometimes there's conflict. I don't always want to do chores, but I end up doing them anyway and then I get allowance.


We had an election at the end of the 3 months. Troy (from the Guerilla Squad) won the election with 9 votes. The Guerillas now have power, even though they didn't have as many MSUs as us.


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