Advice  and Gratitude

#Three things that I want to advice all people

1.Never give up on what you doing to be successful!😐

2.Be kind!😊

3.Tell the truth!πŸ™‹

#five things that am always greatful for

1. My mom and dad,who always proud to have me😘!

2. My funny  and lovable siblings because they never hate me!✌️

3.My school which I always get knowledge fromπŸ‘

4. My patience  teachers who never get tired of giving me their knowledge!πŸ‘

5.Finally am greatful to have all those things!πŸ˜‰

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3 years ago

I really Like this good job 😁

3 years ago

Happy New Year, Lemlem! I love the picture.

3 years ago

Thank you ! You too happy new year! 😍