USA vs. Obesity

Right now, things aren't looking so hot for the United States of America in this fight against obesity. They are definitely losing this battle.

As you can see, this boy is confused. Should he go for the "better tasting" yet unhealthier foods? Or how about the "not as good tasting" but more nutritious foods? We all can probably assume what this boy might choose. Like the rest of us, we would scarf down the left plate right after the camera went down. The source of our struggles in this fight. And some still don't seem to realize the consequences of eating like this. Results of obesity include cancer, joint problems, lower life expectancy, bone problems, low self-esteem, heart attacks, depression, high blood pressure, and many many more. In fact, 54% of all adults have abdominal obesity, the worst kind. Since a twelve year study started in 2000, the waistline for men has increased an inch, and for women, two. However, since fat weighs less than muscle, a few of these Americans are obese, but not overweight. So, what do you choose?

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