4th Period:  Jekendrick B, Johquan B, Miquonas C.

Caption: Marc Campbell was a part of the 51st Young Money gang. He died a few days after releasing a music video dissing known rappers like Lil Durk, Chief Keef, and Lil Reese. He died at bus Stop on 51st and cottage grove. He left behind a pergant girlfriend. Marc was 20 years of age and was just released from jail for a gun case.

Caption: Police are going around investing the murder of Marc Campbell. So far all they know is he was standing at the bus stop on the phone. When a young gun man walked up with an all black jacket on and shot him in the head. Marc was left dead at the bus stop.  

Caption: Mr.Geesaman 7th period. Students are working hard to finish their projects. Everybody are writing and looking at the pictures they took. Four students were already done with their work.

Caption: Clarendon Park was a park where little kids come play and have fun. Until gangs came in made it there hang out and where they are going to be at. Now their rivals gang members come shooting at the park at any time in the day. No matter if he kids are in the play ground or around the park shots still be let off. Many people keep their kids away or take them somewhere else to play.

Caption: We have to teach kids while they are young that the streets isn't where they need to hang. Everyday people die over little petty things in the streets. This picture of this new born baby is to show that it take 9 months to come in the world but only one second to be taken out. We have to teach the young to make the right decisions to stay in school and don't pick the streets.

MY Theme is Violence