By: Xitlalli Reyes


The field trip to UTA didn't go exactly as planned, but I still enjoyed myself. Some of my thoughts were that UTA was very big and beautiful. The part I enjoyed the most was, seeing my friend and eating my lunch with her. I enjoyed this because, I don't get to see her as often as I want. I haven't see her in months! The part I didn't enjoy as much is that it rained. I wish it hadn't but I had to make the best out of the situation. Not getting to tour the campus was upsetting, but it was fun. Some of the things I would suggest is that, plan the tour very carefully. Make sure that the day is sunny and nice. I actually would consider applying for this wonderful place!! It's close to home, clean, and affordable!! I think I would make tons of new friends and still see my old ones. Everyone at UTA was  extremely friendly. I think for the next field trip we should do something sports related!! Going to a basketball game or volleyball game would be really nice and fun for everybody!!

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