By: Andrew Holleran

Amphibians are  cold blooded, smooth skinned vertebrates that belong to the amphibia class. Most amphibians begin life as a tad poll. When they  first hatch they  produce gils and as they grow older they produce lungs. An animal that can breathe in water and on land is known as an Amphibian. Animals such as frogs, toads, salamanders, and snakes.

The characteristics of the amphibian are unique and love the environment around them. The fact that they can live and breathe under water and on land is an advantage because  when in need of escaping a prey, they can escape both on land and in water.

Animals that are apart of the amphibian class are frogs, toads, and salamanders. There orders are Anura, Caudata, and Apoda.Amphibians are presented in 3 subclasses Ichthyostega, Lepospondyli, and Lissamphibia.

The characteristics of an amphibian such as snakes are cold blooded. Snakes are carnivores that like to feed on smaller animals. Snakes can also be sometimes toxic to its predators in order to protect itself.

Bombina, a family of old toads having a fixed dislike tongue. The fire-bellied toads or firebelly toads are a group of eight species of small toads belonging to the genus Bombina. The female of the species typically lays 80–300 eggs that can be found hanging off plant stems. The offspring develop in pools or puddles. Their metamorphosis is complete within a few weeks, peaking in July to August.

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