Colby's Culture Project

This culture is on the continent of Zephyrus, it is in the shape of a diamond. The thing that makes this continent special is that it is inhabited by a race of half-human half-animal people called "Asrurs". They can speak in their native animal tongue ,as well as learning to speak in other animal's languages. After 48 hours of no sleep, whenever they are extremely frightened, or when they are excessively angry they can turn into their natural animal of origin. They call this reverting to your primal or "animal state". It is easy to tell the difference between them ,and normal animals -  because they will have animal eyes when they are in their hybrid form, but when they revert to their primal or "animal state"  - they have human eyes. Other things that make them more noticable is that they are typically larger than animals of that species, and they have colors that are not typical on an animal of that species, - for example if you see a neon green bunny its probably an Asrur .


Asrurs really only have one main religion on the continent of Zephyrus. They believe that everything is determined or controlled by the Zodiac. They believe the Zodiac were Asrurs that were so good and nice in life, that in death they went to the heavens and live among the stars. There is an Asrur for every animal, but the ones associated with the Zodiac are considered special and sacred. They also believe in the existence of a divine beast for every other animal not associated with the Zodiac. The divine beasts always choose an Asrur to be the embodiment of the race, when the embodiment of the specific beast dies it chooses a new host to carry out its divine guidance.


Asrurs have a pretty normal diet (compared to an actual healthy human diet). They have a healthy balance between grains, dairy, vegetables, and animals. However, eating animals is where it gets complicated. They can eat animals, it just can't be any animal of their species (or sub group)  - so a wolf hybrid can't eat a dog, but can eat a bunny. They also can only eat animals that haven't evolved. It's kind of like a Goofy-Pluto relationship -  where they are both dogs, but Goofy treats Pluto like a(n) underling or slave. They are only allowed to eat meat with one meal a day,  and because of complications in their genetic code  - they have to eat fruit with every meal.


The diamond shape of the continent is longer than average ,yet not as wide. Over half of it is above the  equator ,while 1/4 is on and below the equator. The Northern reaches of this continent is very cold, and is stricken by frequent snow storms. The area near the middle has a very erratic weather system - you can never tell 100% of the time what the climate will be. Usually, this would  be a lot of trouble ,but it tends to average it's changes to every year (they believe this is associated with the Zodiac). Past the equator, is a tropical zone where most Asrurs go for vacation ,since it is surrounded on both sides by a beach. Also ,the continent of Zephyrus is very high in lush ,colorful and beautiful vegetation ,except at the very tip. At the very southern tip of the continent  - is an arid desert where most of the Asrurs more closely related to reptiles on the continent of Zephyrus live, because they can't handle the erratic and cold climate of the other parts of the continent.
The natives of Zephyrus also believe themselves to be a different culture then Asrurs - because they are not mammals (and have started calling themselves Kajit )while others still believe they are Asrurs.

Creative Expression

The Asrurs rely heavily on sports for creative expressions and fun. They play normal sports, as well as sports that they play while they are in an animal state. Football and basketball are the two most important sports to them and they decide many disagreements over a match or two of the sport. They also like to draw and sing as other creative expressions.

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