Mate: Whitestorm, Tawnyspots (Formerly), and Patchpelt (formerly)

Sons: Sootfur, Raindwhisker, Darkstripe, and Graystripe

Daughter: Sorreltail

Mother: Swiftbreeze

Father: Adderfang

Brothers: Redtail and Patchpelt

Sisters: Leapordfoot and Spottedleaf

Death: Killed by a badger

Pelt: Willowpelt is a slender lean hard, muscled, very pale, silver-gray, she-cat with unusual blue eyes


Willowkit it born from Swiftbreeze along with her sibling Redkit and Spottedkit. Bluefur mentions Willowkit when Whitekits mother dies and Swiftbreeze takes care of him. Then when Willowkit, Redkit, Spottedkit, Whitekit, Frostkit, and Brindlekit are older they rush out of the nursery to a clan meeting even thought they were not old enough to to catch their own prey.  When Willowkit becomes Willowpaw; her mentor was never really mentioned. But she goes out with Redoaw and his mentor and Adderfang. Later when she becomes a warrior she has a litter of kits with Tawnyspots and Patchpelt. But then leaves them both to mother her new expecting kits, and their father is Whitestorm. Then when her kits are born; Rainkit, Sorrelkit, and Sootkit their father, Whitestorm dies. Then when they become apprentices; Rainpaw, Sorrelpaw, and Sootpaw  Willowpelt is bundled with joy. Later on Willowpelt goes on a patrol with Sootpaw and other cats and as Willowpelt sees a badger that is about to crash on and kill Sootpaw she darts in front and shoves him out of the way her screams are started by the Badgers claws in her back; and ended her screams when the badger snaps her neck. When they return to camp with Willowpelt's dead, limp body Sootpaw tells Sorrelpaw and Rainpaw what happend. Then the paws' are traumatized because of their father and mothers deaths.