Elements and Principles of Design
By:  [Tommy Yu]

Diagonal Lines
Negative Space : The Space Around The Object Emphasizing The Negative Space.
Form : 3-D Volume
Regular Rhythm : Consistency In Color
Economy : Simple
Contrast : Light V.S Dark
Symmetrical Balance : Perfectly Even Wherever I Cut
Value : Relative Darkness and Lightness of an Apple
Point : Focus One Area
Shapes : 2-D Enclosed Areas
Emphasis : Drawing Attention To One Thing
Proportion : One Object In Comparison of Another. The Face Is Not Proportional To His Head
Unity : Completeness And Perfection
Pi : Value of Ratio of The Circumference of a Circle To It's Diameter.
Inscribe : A Figure Inside a Figure Without Their Boundaries Touching.
Centroid : The Center Of A Figure.
Center of Gravity : The Point In Which The Total Weight Is To Be Concentrated.
Square : 90 Degree Angles.

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