Linear Relationships Math Project.  Graphs 5 and 7

By: Aditya Raju

Graphs#5 (Graph on the left)

           Liam(M.C. Swag money gangsta) was heading for the bank which was a 3 hour job.  He was a wanted criminal throughout the city (A.K.A Cary).  So he started from his house  While he was driving his car broke down and he had to fix it for 30 minutes so he went no distance.  Then he quickly drove back to the bank to get some money which took him 30 minutes as well.  When he entered everyone knew he was going to steal some money and one lady even screamed "SHARKISHA NOOOOO...."  He didn't have enough time to get all the money so he got caught by a cop named Matt.

Graph #7 (Graph on the right)

          After a little while in jail his best friend Tariro (Also known as the KFC thug) helped him escape from jail which they went about 4 miles in a steady pace.  They both ran away without the cops noticing for a little while so they went home.  Then Liam said "Man I feel like a wuss running away from cops.We should go back to the bank and take the rest of the money."  They both thought about this for a little while and then Tariro said "Man you right, we need to go back and bring that money so we can be rich."  At the bank they saw what they never thought they would see.  They saw a bunch of cops pointing guns at Liam but not at Tariro.  Tariro laughed and laughed and then he said "Man you would have thought.  I am actually a cop.  I just pulled this trick to get you in jail permanently."  Then the officer named Matt walked over and said "Liam, you need to chill out" and he threw him in the squad car and drove him back to the police station.  Liam was never to be seen for another 20 years and everything was normal again in Cary.

X-Axis= Time in minutes

Y-Axis= Distance in miles

                                                                            THE END!!!!!!!

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