Use it. Talk about it.

Raw. Honest. Insanely passionate.

I'm a graphic designer who loves tech. I have my preferences (as you'll soon find out) and try hard to be objective, but like most of us, objectivity is fleeting. That's€ especially true when the conversation heats up and words start to fly. These situations usually get intense and I like it that way! It keeps things interesting because it hits at the heart of the matter. I'm€ passionate and don'™t pretend to be neutral. I take a side and stick with it! I'm not wishy-washy and you'™ll see that in me. It's not an attempt to appear real or to be rewarded for a particular stance. I'm raw. Honest. Insanely passionate.

With that out of the way, here's what you can expect. I use a product and share the experience. That's€ it!

Let's go!

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