Streaming Media on the iPad

Watch video and listen to music

Streaming Video

  • Netflix - $7.99 monthly
  • iTunes - rent videos to watch
  • Amazon Instant Video - free with Amazon Prime, rent newer movies
  • Redbox Instant - $8 monthly, limited selection but 4 free movies at the Redbox kiosk each month
  • Crackle - free with commercials (Sony sponsored)
  • Hulu Plus - $8.00 monthly, watch almost any network tv show, catch up on seasons
  • TV - NBC, ABC, CBS Sports - recent episodes of tv shows
  • PBS Video - watch almost any show that has aired on PBS
  • Discovery
  • Smithsonian - good selection full episodes
  • ESPN - free if you have ESPN on your cable

Streaming Music

  • Pandora - free with limited commercials, create your own channels
  • iHeartRadio - listen to stations or make your own channels
  • Songza - listen to music by choosing a situation
  • Spotify - monthly subscription but free stations
  • TuneIn - listen to virtually any radio station
  • NPR - listen to local npr stations
  • Scanner+ Free - not really music but a great way to listen in to police scanners all over the world

Stream your own media

  • Quick IO - fairly simple, add the program to your computer and tell it where your media is and then add the app to your ipad to stream your videos or music anywhere you have wi-fi.

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