Effect of Preservatives on Digestion in the Stomach

By: Katrina Songco,
Sylvia Titus, & Stephanie Rodrigues

Hypothesis: Preserved food is more difficult for the stomach to digest than fresh food. The canned beans will be the hardest to digest, followed by frozen beans, and fresh beans will be the easiest to digest.

Experimental Design: To test the pH of fresh, frozen, and canned beans after being in stomach acid.

Materials: Canned green beans, Fresh green beans, Frozen green beans, Electronic scale, Hydrochloric acid, GogglesBeaker, ph test strips, pH probe, Agitator, Mallet, and Ziplock bags


Conclusion: Our hypothesis was proven right; the higher the amount of preservative(salt) in the beans, the higher the pH reading was. The higher the pH reading is after the digestion, the more digested the food is. This shows that it is harder for the acid to chemically digest preserved food. Of course our investigation has flaws in that we only ran the stirring machine for 5 minutes whereas in real life food is mechanically digested by the stomach for 45 minutes to 4 hours.

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