Good or bad?

I agree because you can take pictures of things like nature or yourself to share with the people you know, as long as you don't share personal information to others it's still good. If you use Instagram in a proper way, it's actually a pretty helpful way to communicate with your friends. Of course, many people worldwide use Instagram for different purposes. One thing that's very popular on Instagram is selfies.

Now you ask, are parents okay with their kids using Instagram? Most parents agree and disagree. Some parents aren't okay with their kids posting pictures of themselves and sharing it to the public. Those people could share that photo to others in a bad way. One way to avoid hazards like that are to select the bad pictures and put the setting on private. Now that's where most parents agree that Instagram rocks and isn't a negative influence to their kids. (There Is A Video But We Had Problems Uploading It So We Emailed It To Ms. Lovisek).


Selfies taken by most people on Instagram do it so they can get likes and lots of comments about how they look. A negative about it is that strangers can bid for that photo and then advertise it almost everywhere. Posting a new picture of yourself every day isn’t necessary. There are a lot of funny selfies like this one.

That Is Why We Agree That Instagram Is A Positive Site For Everyone To Use.

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3 years ago

You need to develop each point that you are discussing to support the idea that Instagram has a negative influence on society. Give persuasive arguments for the side you want to convince viewers to believe. Always get a new set of eyes to peer edit your work before submitting the final product.