Garland Texas Shooting:

And Media's take on it.

Garland, Texas; home to the recent, possibly ISIS connected, attempted assault on this last Sunday. Two men, Nadir Soofi and Elton Simpson, arrived at the Curtis Culwell Center, exited their vehicle, and began shooting. Luckily, a single officer was able to kill both shooter within a short 15 second firefight from their car. While we can all agree that this was a tragedy avoided, many still wonder of the further outcome of this situation, and how the media is playing the whole ordeal. The purpose of this article is to look into different media outlets, and see how bias and favoritism play the same instrument differently.

Starting this off, an Article from the NY Times, by Manny Fernandez & Laurie Goodstein, show the side of Alia Salem, head of the Fort Worth chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, who puts blame on both the Radicals decision to use violence, and the convention event, for pushing the boundaries of the First Amendment. NY Times is known to have a bias toward Islamic beliefs, which would make this article an anomaly, or neutral ground. The purpose of the article here is to display the hardships and problems that the radicals have inflicted on the already uneasy hospitality between IANT and the more conservative groups within Texas. This article shows that their is pain and suffering coming form the Islamic belief that did not encourage this type of action. To read the article, follow the annotation below:

The Next media Outlet, CNN, is seen Praising the action preformed by the officer who thwarted the plan of Nadir and Elton. CNN's article condemns the two shooters, and focuses on how they were trying to destroy the convention goers right to free speech. CNN is mixed in its alignment, as its global reach is also influenced by its local setups. While considered Liberal, it is shown having a more conservative side, as demonstrated in the phrasing and use of language in the article. The Article serves to show how unprecedented odds, the officer was able to eliminate such a severe threat.  

The Last media outlet I will be briefly covering is the Huffington Post. The Huffington Post aims as a more Liberal Commentary Outlet, and offers a more, straight fact informational posting then the other two sources. The article they posted offers mostly the basic facts on the events, and quotation from some of the event organizers that were present for questioning. This article seems to try and downplay the event by offering little in the way of favoriting a side.

While Media coverage will mostly follow up on similar stories, they each try to add their own particular take on a story, to help promote difference and distinction from other sources. But in doing so, they also create moderate Bias views and beliefs, which could hinder the credibility and influence that their stories provide. It should be up the people reading to decide how they wish to view the reasoning and understanding of the Shooting.

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