An author is someone who is creative, loves language, and loves to write. They focus on creating well-written pieces for us to read and enjoy. An author works with words and uses then in such a way in order to take us on adventures, teach us, and hold our interests.

Required Skills

The required skills to be a successful and published author is you should have good spelling skills, good grammar skills, good punctuation, and good syntax. The ability to use the internet is a useful skill as well as it will allow you to carry out research quicker, contact and send work to publishers, find things you may want to write for in other countries, find other professionals such as an illustrator, self publish and advertise works, and keep up to date with current events.

Educational Requirements

There are no educational requirements to write books and be an author however a degree in fine arts or language will help.

Other Preperation

To be a successful author to must be prepared to sit down and write your thoughts and ideas down on the computer or on paper and not give up until it's down. You must also be prepared to not fear what other think of your work and be able to take criticism constructively and better your work through it.

Salary Expectations

Salaries can differ based upon what clientele you are working for (if any), what kind of book/publication it is, how popular it is, and how much money it makes.  However, if you can become a bestselling author you can of course expect your salary to drastically increase in amount.

Future Outlook

The difficulty of finding a job as an author can be high if you aren't known at all, don't have someone like an agent, or are an all around bad writer. There is a lot of jobs for authors here in the U.S. as people will always need/want things written for them. This career, basing on how dedicated you are, can either excel or just die away. Without dedication you most likely won't be able to complete your assignments, nor will you be motivated to even get the assignments in the first place.


Authors:                                                                                                                                                        -Work Independently                                                                                                                -Endless Potential For Income                                                                                              -Fulfillment of creating something creative and unique
      -Can have different assignments and a change of scene a.k.a less boring

Similar Careers

If being a book author doesn't work out for you don't fret because your love of writing can be used in many other ways other than writing a book. You could write for newspapers or magazines. You could be a sports writer, a playwright, or a ghostwriter for someone if you'd prefer. There are many jobs that need the amazing skills of good writing.

Why I Picked This Career

This career has so many possibilities, it can literally be whatever you want it to be only limited by your own imagination. Being able to be home and work whilst stuff your face with numerous junk foods is glorious as not many other occupations allow it. Writing isn't just limited to books which makes it wonderful as people can find what type of writing suits them. With limitless possibilities this is truly a career to consider.


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