Video Games

By: Gabe Dillman

Warning If you don’t like video games this is not the book for you! This book is going to tell you about… Roblox, Minecraft, Call of duty and battle field 4.This book is going to tell you some cool facts about every video game that is listed in the story

Call of Duty
In call of duty black ops 2 there’s a giant variety of guns and maps. But the best part of the guns and camos is the attachments they let you have laser sight grenade launcher and sights. One of the best camos is diamond you have to get all the guns gold in the category. So that’s it about guns and camos! Maps/Levels Since call of duty 1 all the way to call of duty ghosts there has been a lot of different ways to level up. Like completing challenges or winning matches. You can prestige 11 times. At the last time you’re a prestige master. Every time you level up you get a new clan tag so you can make your own emblem.

Battle Field 4
In battle field 4 the game is so realistic it will blow your mind! You can jump of building and parachute to the ground or jump of a helicopter and parachute to a building filled with enemies. You can also blow up buildings and they fall and make a giant war field. There’s also something called a squad that’s let you travel and groups and spawn on them. Kits/Teams The kits and teams in battle field 4 are amazing! The teams are America, China and Europe. The classes are assault, recon, engineer and support. So these are some of the things in battle fieild4!

It’s a game with a lot of other games in it. There are a lot of categories in it there are scary, funny, ninja, war, sy-fi, role-play, adventure, obby (obstacle course) and many more! People/fun games to play In Roblox there is over 1,000,000 people who play it. You can customize your character and buy new items. Here’s some fun games to play with your friends war, hunger games, hide and go seek and many more!


In Minecraft the multiplayer servers are amazing! You can play with your friends. There’s over 100,000,000 servers to choose and you can play with your friends. Some servers are hunger games, racing, pvp, ghost craft, survival and many more! Conclusion By: Gabe Dillman

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