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I’ve spent thousands of dollars having to have mediocre content written. That’s frustrating. That’s wasteful; I hate waste. When you hire a writer from article writing services, or through a site like video producer pro review, or Elance or whatever they’re called now, you’re hiring someone with some writing ability willing to write on any subject, but almost certainly lacking any passion, interest or experience/expertise. Even if it’s well-written it lacks substance and you’re not fooling anybody. I knew this but unless I wrote the content myself I didn’t see an alternative. Until I had an epiphany and I did see the alternative. That alternative is to go to the people who possess the passion and expertise, and who’d like to get paid a bit to write about it. Go find the Facebook groups that exist on your subject matter and contact the avid posters in the group who should passion and expertise. Or make a post to the group – “I have a blog on this subject and I’m looking for someone who would love the opportunity to write about it – PM me.”
You’ll end up with truly excellent, inspired content, often at bargain prices.The cool thing about not watching TV for years at a time is when I catch up there's an amazing bunch of entertainment waiting. One of these gems is Jericho - a series about a smalltown community surviving a nuclear attack on the United States.Episode after episode these people face and endure one hellish event after another - and amazingly everyone still has clean clothes and a fresh haircut. But seriously, just when you think things can't get any worse - they do. This isn't unique to Jericho In screen writing school they teach you to "Put your main characters through hell". Apparently that's what makes for gripping drama in the human mind. When you write copy create a frame of reference. People are accustomed to adjusting their frame of reference to the story that's in front of them. With a story in front of them most people shift their frame of reference and engage in what's called "The Willing Suspension of Disbelief". In other words, they'll believe things that don't add up (and they know it) because the desire to see the story play out is more compelling. Like in the series video producer pro review – the character known as T-Bag has his hand cut off with an axe. He picks the hand up, runs around with it for a few hours, finds a cooler with some ice in it, runs around with his hand in the cooler a while longer, before finding a veterinarian who he forces to sew the severed hand back on. Yes, a veterinarian. And as soon as the last stitch is in place, his bluishgray hand wiggles it’s fingers. Yeah. Right! And while I laughed hysterically at the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen a TV show ask me to believe . . . I was hooked. I kept right on watching. OK - Let's take a look at a few terms. Plot line: the story. In marketing terms you want the central character to be your prospect, seeing them self grow from where they are to reaching their goal and riding off into the sunset. Whether, or not, you are able to sell them depends almost entirely on whether they believe in the POSSIBILITY of their own character arc.Exposition: Introduce the main characters and describe the setting. In a movie this generally occurs in the first 10 minutes. TIP: Instead of using your customer's name to say "Hi John, here's another boring marketing message intended to manipulate you into buying something from me" . . . use their name in the story you're presenting them with.They’re the main character in this story – or they need to identify with the main character. There is also the setting, the good guys and the bad. Conflict: A problem or goal is established.TIP: Make a list of all the problems, challenges, complaints, etc, that are common in your market. Also make a list of the protagonists in their life - the doubting family, the jealous friends, the jerk boss, the Jones' next door, etc. Rising action: Different events or conflicts develop as the main character struggles to overcome challenges to reach their video producer pro review . Basically, these are your messages. Each message involves the protagonist facing his adversaries, striving to overcome his problems to reach that goal. Climax: The grand finale - the major turning point or event that LEADS to the resolution of the problem. FINALLY! I bought something that helped me reach my goals! Falling action: The events that occur after the climax. This is where you highlight how great life is after reaching the top - and where you get to see the bad guys eat crow. Resolution: The story usually concludes with all conflicts resolved and everyone rides off, happily, into the sunset.


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