Orlando is famous for being the theme park capital of America, a title that is well-deserved. Orlando and the surrounding areas have major international parks, smaller attractions, and an incredible family-entertainment orientation. Orlando is the place every kid dreams of visiting, and it has something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Among Orlando's premier theme park offerings are Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World. Each of those attractions can be further broken down into numerous smaller parks and locations. Disney World alone breaks down into the Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, MGM Studios, Camp Disney, Pleasure Island, and several more themed areas including a new live animal safari zone. The other parks offer everything from water rides and science exhibits to movie making magic. Rides, rides, and more rides abound in Orlando, and they are constantly being updated and improved.

But Orlando also features other types of enjoyment. Orlando offers every conceivable type of food and lodging. From the most swanky hotels that cater to international business types, to moderate priced family centered hotels, to motels, to camping, to lodges, there are accommodations for everyone! World class golf courses, tennis clinics, spas, resorts, and more await visitors who aren't terribly interested in theme parks.

Orlando also features dozens of smaller attractions, and an enviable nightlife. Each of the theme parks and attractions will tempt you to enjoy their night time entertainment, but the local restaurants and clubs offer just as much fun without the theme park cost. Orlando is home to hundreds of restaurants of every type, not counting those inside the theme parks. Orlando's visitors are international, so it caters to all tastes.

Orlando has been hosting millions of visitors a year for decades, so it has lots of experience in how to treat guests and make them feel welcome. Hospitality is not just the industry behind the entire Orlando way of life, it is the Orlando way of life! From the biggest theme parks in the world and some of the best hotels, to the smaller attractions and some of the best values, Orlando is a city for everyone, especially families!

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Year Founded: 1838
Latitude: 28° 32' 17" N

Longitude: 81° 22' 45" W

Area:Is 110.2sq miles & 70,528


Time Zone: Eastern Time Zone
Mayor: Buddy Dyer