How American society has been represented in the documentary

America Is a country known for its fast food chains and massive sizes. The documentary Super-size me is about a guy called Morgan Spurlock and he is going out to show the people of America what you are really doing to your body by eating Fast food a lot. For 30 days Morgan had to eat McDonald's for breakfast Lunch and Dinner and he had to have at least everything on their menu once. And if they asked Morgan if he wanted to super-size his meal he had to say yes. By the end of Morgans 30 days of eating McDonald's he had gained 11kg, he had a fat Liver he went from 11% body fat to 18%. He also doubled his chance of heart disease and heart failure he was depressed and exhausted. This just shows us how bad it is eating such a high fat diet and the problems that can come along with it. 1 in every 4 people in the United States visits a fast food place at least once a day. Obesity in America is the second leading cause of death in the United States with 400 000 people losing their life to the disease. In the documentary American society is represented as being obese and not very educated on what’s good to eat and what eating a lot of fast food is really doing to them.

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