Fun things to do for Halloween

I have a list of fun things to do when your bored! Halloween Style!!

Here's the List:

1.Paint or carve pumpkins!

2.If your a girl, paint your nails or toes.. Halloween style!

3.Try some makeup affects before Halloween night! Master them!

4.Make some Halloween treats!

5.Decorate your room! Make it Spooky!

6.Pretend your throwing a Halloween party! Make a Tackk board for it!

7.Make Halloween cards for friends or family!

8.Decorate your treat basket!

9.Watch some horror movies! Eat some popcorn!

10.Find some Halloween music to listen to!

11.Search for some scary Halloween stories online, and share them with people!

12.Make a list of candy you want for Halloween and if you trick or treat, check off the candy you got!

13. If you haven't already picked out a costume, get with a friend and dress up together! Some examples: Washer and Dryer, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Ketchup and Mustard, or ice cream and chocolate syrup!